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Bird Box 2018 Full Movie Download in Hindi | Dual Audio

Download Bird Box 2018 Full Movie In Hindi Dual Audio

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Bird Box 2018 Full Movie Download in Hindi | Five years after an ominous unseen presence drives most of society to suicide, a mother and her two children make a desperate bid to reach safety. When a mysterious force decimates the population, only one thing is certain -- if you see it, you die. The survivors must now avoid coming face to face with an entity that takes the form of their worst fears. 

Searching for hope and a new beginning, a woman and her children embark on a dangerous journey through the woods and down a river to find the one place that may offer sanctuary. To make it, they'll have to cover their eyes from the evil that chases them -- and complete the trip blindfolded. 

Movie Title:-              Bird Box
Director:-                   Susanne Bier
IMDB Rating:-           6.7
Rotten Tomatoes:-  62% Fresh
Genre:-                       Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama
Start Cast:-                Sandra Bullock
                                     Trevante Rhodes
                                     John Malkovich
                                     Machine Gun Kelly
                                     Danielle Macdonald
                                     B.D. Wong
                                     Tom Hollander

Download Bird Box Full Movie in Hindi Dual Audio 

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